Top 5 Security Camera Apps in 2019 –

Smartphone devices offer a lot of benefits. One of them is that you can turn them into a hidden spy cam as well. There are a lot of great free as well as paid apps available in the market that will let you use your camera-enabled Android, iOS or Windows phone as a spy cam too. You can easily use these secret camera apps in your old devices that you don’t use much. There are security camera apps for Windows computer and Xbox One video game console too.

These are the best five security camera apps for you:

1. AtHome Camera Surveillance App

If you have an iOS device that is running on iOS 7 or newer versions, you can quickly turn it into a hidden security camera with the AtHome Camera Surveillance app. It comes as one of the best-hidden camera apps for iOS featuring animated gif notifications. The facial recognition technology featured in this app makes it stand apart from others. With the use of the same technology, this spy cam app starts the recording whenever it detects any person. You can check the recorded footage in your computer or another iOS device ideally.

2. SecurityCam

SecurityCam is the best-hidden camera app made for Windows PC that runs on Windows 8, 8.1 or10 or Windows tablet. It can convert any Windows computer or tablet to a decent security camera. And, it is destined to start recording footage once it detects any motion on the webcam. You get the option to access all the footage easily in this app. However, no cloud backup option of the recorded is there for you.

3. Alfred Home Security Camera

Both Android and iOS users can use the Alfred Home Security Camera app ideally. Same as the most, it starts recording once any movement is detected on the screen. The best part about this app that it saves the footage to a free online cloud account for watching later. Though, for using some features like the zoom ability, you need to get the premium version of this app. If you use this app on older devices like iPhone 4S, it might crash from time to time because of old OS versions.

4. Manything

Manything is undoubtedly one of the hidden spy cam app made for Android devices. It supports devices with Android 4.2 and higher version and comes with an easy to use interface. You can even download and share the recorded clips easily with others. This app is excellent for watching the baby while you are away or monitoring your pet. As the video is streamed live using this app, you can easily talk with the pet, child or anyone else.

5. Viewer for Baby Monitor for Kinect

The gamers are in treat with this particular security camera app as it is one of the best for them. It showcases your video using your Xbox One’s Kinect sensor and allows you to see the recording in your Windows 10 device. You can use it for baby monitoring as well. The Kinect camera will let you view in the dark ideally which makes it perfect for both gaming and baby monitoring. But, you can’t use your Xbox One while this app will be running. So, monitor the desired space correctly with any of these spy security cam apps feature over here!

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